Monday, August 16, 2010

This Just In

Wow, am I ever overdue for a post! The summer has flown by, and I am shocked that it's already time to start putting my syllabi together for the classes I'm teaching at Pepperdine this fall. Usually I get so excited at this stage, anticipating all the amazing students I'll meet this year and the great stuff I'll read from them and all the good talks and laughs we'll have, but this year I'm like, wait, WAIT, I haven't finished Book 2 yet! I thought by this point I'd have a first draft! I'm not ready!

Did I mention that the summer has flown by?

Here's the latest book news:

This week I signed my contract with RCR Pictures for the film rights to Unearthly! Woohoo! That contract was a fun read, just thinking about all the amazing possiblities, my book as a film or TV series, consultations, premieres, and my free copy of the DVD when it comes out! Now, to clarify, selling the option rights does not mean that the book will absolutely be made into a film--the producer still has to find a studio, a script, and a budget-- but it is the first step. And it is way exciting! (doing a little happy dance)

This was also a week for firsts, like my first author guest spot on a reviewer's blog. I contributed to the Angels v. Zombies week, which was such fun to be a part of. Angels kicked butt! (of course)

I got my first blurb for the book! I won't say who, since it's not officially on the jacket yet, but I am thrilled that a writer whose book I really enjoyed read my book and had such nice things to say about it. Blurbs are a hard thing, I realize now. I started out with such high hopes, asking a bunch of writers whose work I loved, and then, one by one, they all started to say, sorry, but I'm too busy, I don't have time to read your book. I tried really hard to see it from their side, and understand: they are usually working on the next book of their series, marketing the last book of their series, and have a giant pile of ARCs on their desks that publishers want them to read for blurbs. They are VERY busy. But it was hard not to become discouraged. My editor sent me a very sweet, encouraging email listing several of Harper's books that did very well without any blurbs at all, but I was still disappointed. And then this morning, lo and behold, a YES. And not only did she read the book, she loved it! It's a very good feeling.

This week Unearthly also pushed over the 1000 mark on Goodreads, of people who marked the book as "to read." It's crazy for me that more than 1000 people already want to read my book. This time last year I was just finishing my first draft of Unearthly, just thinking about sending it to me agent, and now. . . somebody pinch me.

Ow. Thanks.

Now back to writing book 2.


Malbebe said...

I understand what you mean about authors being super busy. I found that out about three weeks ago. I contacted a few authors for a birthday celebration I had hoped would fall through but turns out everyone is so busy with deadlines that it didn't work out. I wanted to feature some 2011 debut authors like yourself, but most of you want more buzz closer to the release date. Also, big congrats on your movie rights! I can't wait to watch the movie and even more excited to read Unearthly! If you need anyone to be your personal cheerleader to get that first draft finished just let me know and I'll be there. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the movie rights! I am still not sending you an email yet for Unearthly, as I am a wuss, but I know what you mean about the summer blowing by! How strange. But the good thing is that Mockingjay's coming out + other books to so that is good. *nods* I am excited about Unearthly, so much that I"m considering to man up and send you an email, but not yet. I will not do it yet! /lame Good luck with writing book 2! I can be a mascot if Malbebe will be the cheerleader.

Christina Rodriguez said...

I hope the movie contract goes further! It'd be really neat to read about the development of the book into film someday.