Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ebook and Live chat today

So, big news! The ebook of Unearthly will be released on April 19! This is me SHOUTING it from the rooftops!!!! You can pre-order your copy on Nook here. Woohoo!

Ironically, this week my Kindle bit the dust. It's a first generation Kindle that was generously handed down from my dad's wife more than three years ago, and it has been with me through it all, including a killer rainstorm when my dad and I were out fishing one time and I seriously thought we were going to get struck by lightning, and my Kindle got soaked. It was a good, tough little Kindle. My precious. Sniffle.

So. I wasted no time in ordering a new one. There are books I NEED to read, and with a newborn it is so hard to get to the bookstore (although I have been in to Barnes and Noble with M once, and she was properly awestruck). I am sorry my old Kindle didn't live to see the day that it could house the official ebook of Unearthly. . .

Also, join me today at 5pm EST for a live chat on about how to sell a trilogy to a publishing house. Here's the link to the "inktips" I gave for the event, on how to create a paranormal world, and here's the link for the chat. Yay! I love live chats!


Wordpunk88 said...

Speaking of bookstores, I was at the B & N in Calabasas the other day and saw your book on one of their displays--under "Dark Romance." Unearthly was accompanied by what looked like Vampire teen romance novels. And then there's your book, all purple and nonthreatening, hanging out like it didn't know how it got there, haha. I was tempted to find the manager and let them know what I thought about this "dark romance" business, but then thought, "well, at least it's getting prominent exposure."

Jamie H. said...

I Like the red hair, red dress, and smokey woods the best. However, I still like the alluring purple on the US cover.