Friday, October 7, 2011

Vlog in which I show you my Unearthly corkboard

And now for something completely different. A video I made, showing off the giant corkboard I used when I wrote Unearthly.



MaríaT said...

OMG the photos that inspired you, are beautiful. The maps, schedules, my God is great!
I live in Spain and photos from google was what showed me the beauty of the landscape that you describe so well.
I really love your book, my friends and I spent weeks and weeks talking about it (still do), because the story is so good, you can not leave.
What is the best I've read this year, I really love.
I can wait to read HALLOWEEN.
Besos fron Spain.
Excuse my bad english

Vetsy said...

Looks like you did a lot of research. Thanks for that video it was very insightful.
I can't wait for the Hallowed to come out.

Micaela Halacyan said...

Hello Cynthia, I'm Micaela de Buenos Aires Argentina. I wanted to tell that a couple of months ago UNEARTHLY buy your book and really fascinates me. I finished reading yesterday, about 2:30 am. I did not realize, I spend hours flying. I devour the last 7 chapters. I could not stop reading them. I must confess that I never felt so permeated with a book, I cried and laughed a lot, I was Clara, she felt what she felt. The butterflies in your stomach, infatuation, anger, fear. Everything. I unfailingly charming, but what fascinates me is that it talks about angels. It's about them, and says much about it. I believe in angels and God in those things that just can not be touched but felt with the soul. Congratulations, you're a great writer, great story and you armed. I'm waiting now to buy the second book to see what happens! YOU CAN If you want to enter my blog, I write, I love it. And if you can read what I write something I feel really flattered, although I am happy to leave this comment. GOODBYE DEAR COMPANION OF LETTERS ♥ ♥ ♥. I follow your blog!

En español:
Hola Cynthia, soy Micaela de Buenos Aires Argentina. Quería contarte que hace un par de meses atrás compre tu libro UNEARTHLY y realmente me fascino. Lo termine de leer ayer, a eso de las 2:30am. No me di cuenta, se me paso la hora volando. Creo que devore los últimos 7 capítulos. No podía parar de leerlos. Debo confesarte que nunca me sentí tan compenetrada con un libro, llore y me reí muchísimo, me sentía Clara, sentía lo que ella sentía. El cosquilleo en el estomago, el enamoramiento, el enojo el miedo. Todo. Me encanto indefectiblemente, pero lo que mas me fascino es que habla sobre los ángeles. Se trata sobre ellos, y dice mucho al respecto. Yo creo en los ángeles y en Dios, en esas cosas que no se pueden tocar exactamente pero si sentir con el alma. Te felicito, sos una excelente escritora, y que gran historia has armado. Estoy esperando ahora poder comprarme el segundo libro para ver que sucede! Si queres podes entrar a mi blog, yo también escribo, me gusta muchísimo. Y si podes leer algo de lo que escribo me sentiría realmente halagada, aunque ya me siento feliz de poder dejarte este comentario. ADIOS QUERIDA COMPAÑERA DE LAS LETRAS ♥♥♥. Sigo tu blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh! Cynthia I have just finished your book Unearthly in the Spanish version, I really love it! Now I can say that you're my new inspiration to be a author, really. I hope Hallowed come soon to Mexico, please that I'm so excited when I found out that are other books. I love the cover of Hallowed, but I'm Team Tucker:P

Angie Taylor said...

It's fun to see all the research you have done to make your book come to life and seem as realistic as possible. It's also fun to see the time you have put into it and shows that you really believe in your story. I think that can make or brake a story. Loved Unearthly, and I am anxiously awaiting Hallowed. So fun!

Roberta M. said...

I think your careful research really paid off, Cynthia. I have never been to that part of the world and your narration gave me the opportunity to experience all that beauty (and crave that infamous vanilla custard pie). Such a different scenery than the one I have here in Rio! It was beautifully depicted!

Amanda Milner said...

Love it. :) I enjoyed getting an inside look at part of your writing process and inspirations.


I CAN'T WAIT for Hallowed! :D I miss Tucker. ;)