Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty

I know I've been MIA for a while. It's fall. This is always a crazy time for me, what with school starting and book deadlines and all that jazz. But I know y'all forgive me since I have been working so very hard on Book 3.

But today I have big news!

The good: the doorbell rang today. A guy put a box on my doorstep and ran. Normally that's cause for alarm and the box just may be full of dog terds or something, but this time it was a big box from HarperCollins. I smiled big when I saw it because awesome things come in boxes from HC!!!!

The bad: the doorbell woke up my daughter right in the middle of her nap and right when I was really getting smoking on my Book 3 work for the day.

The pretty: Inside the box was:

ARCS for HALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!

Now, before I get inundated with ARC requests, let me say: um, I can't take any ARC requests this time. Sorry. Truly, I am. I fully understand your need for a Tucker fix right now (he's on page 1, people)--oh yeah, and Clara too, right?

Never fear, I will be having some contests to give away the books in this box. But if you want an ARC you'll  have to contact the publicity department at HarperTeen and/or go by the usual book blogger channels. Last year I tried to handle the requests myself and it was a mess and ended up with me wanting to crawl into a corner and suck my thumb, there were so. many. requests.  And that was before most people even knew there was a Tucker.

So--YAY! Even though I've been on this published-author train for a while now, there's nothing quite like opening a box full of books with my name on it. Huge rush. Huge. I need somebody to pinch me. I can't believe this is my life.

Now I have to go calm my crying baby.