Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why I Love the CW

Hi, y'all. I didn't intend to blog for a few days, (writing, writing, writing Book 3) but then some news broke yesterday and my tweeps are going wild and I thought I would clear some things up.

Yes, it IS true. Unearthly is being developed into a television series for the CW! This is so unbelievably exciting and surreal for me. I love the idea. I have been an avid CW watcher for a long time, my fave show for years and years being The Gilmore Girls. There's nothing like the rapid-fire dialogue from that show. <3 In fact, Unearthly was influenced quite a lot by Rory and Lorelei--I wanted the relationship between Clara and Maggie to be fun and friend-like and snappy like this (and there is a reference to the GG in the book, can you find it?). So I am soooooo pleased that my little book is being developed into a show for this network.

That said, it is being DEVELOPED into a show on the CW. This does not mean that it is definitely going to BE a show on the CW. Unearthly has a lot of hoops to get through before that happens. Right now we're still in the script phase-- Kevin Murphy is writing a what-I-am-sure-will-be-awesome script for the pilot. Then the network has to greenlight the pilot to be made, it has to be cast and shot, and then the network has to decide if it makes it to primetime. Like I said, lots of work ahead of us. So keep your fingers crossed, and thank you for all the squees and excitement and good wishes.

Love you guys! (collective hug)

P.S. The entries for my Hallowed/Halloween giveaway are AWESOME. Keep them coming. I will announce the winner at 6pm Pacific Time.

now: write, write, write, write, write. Book 3, book 3, book 3.

UPDATE: 7-30-12
Just wanted to let you guys know, since a lot of people are still coming to this post and getting excited, that Unearthly didn't make it to the pilot stage last February. :( Such is the business. So we are basically back to square one with the Unearthly-to-film-or-television stuff. Thanks for all your enthuiasm and support, and if news on this front changes I will let you know!