Thursday, January 5, 2012

Countdown for Hallowed

Yesterday is my author birthday, when I officially became a published author. It's been one crazy/surreal year!

And now Hallowed go-time is less than two weeks away. I am so excited to be going back to Idaho for the launch, and I've got 2 signings going on there.

The first will be on Saturday, January 21 at 1pm at the Idaho Falls Barnes and Noble. I had my Unearthly launch at this Barnes and Noble last year and it was such great fun. I grew up in Idaho Falls, and so many of my old friends/neighbors/classmates/teachers came to the signing (I expect to see you all there this time too, guys, love you!), along with my very first teen readers that I got to meet in person. It was a magical day, and I'm so excited to get to go home again for the launch of Hallowed. Thanks so much to Kaaren at Barnes and Noble and my awesome publicist, Marisa, for making it all happen.

The second signing will be on the following Saturday, January 28 at 1pm at the Hyde Park bookstore in Boise, Idaho. I lived in Boise for 3 years while I was getting my MFA from Boise State, and in the general Boise area for 7 years when you count my 4 years in Caldwell when I attended College of Idaho, so it's a place close to my heart. (Plus my best friend lives there. Linds! I need bestie time.) I love Boise. Seriously, if I were suddenly to make a million dollars, I would probably pack up my family and move there. It is a great town.

I am also doing a mess of school visits, so you might see me at your school if you live in either of these areas.

In the meantime, I have to hunker down and finish Book 3, and, quite frankly, it's been kicking my butt. So many threads to tie up. I am going a little crazy here, but Clara is still making me laugh, which is the important thing. I am also doing two separate blog tours, which is keeping me plenty busy. See my shiny new UK blog tour graphic over there on the sidebar? Which means 2 things: I am going to be busy writing for other people's blogs for a while, so I probably won't be writing much on my own, but I have some really great blog posts planned for my tour (on the UK one, I'm doing separate posts about my thoughts on Christian and my thoughts on Tucker, sharing my Hallowed playlist, giving you a run-down on my dream film cast for Unearthly, and so on, and on the US one I am planning a couple of vlogs shot in Jackson and the Tetons. . . ) so please check it out.

It also means that I am mostly saying no to any interview requests I'm getting outside of these tours. I am getting 1-3 requests for interviews a day right now, which pains me, because ultimately I have to say no. I would love to do interviews, but I am out of time, folks. Book 3 has to get written if you want to read it next year.

If you super want me to do an interview, please ask to schedule it for after March 1, and make it 5 questions or less, and follow up with me about it. Things will calm down a bit in March.

Here is the awesome UK trailer for Hallowed. Post this trailer on your website, or share on twitter and facebook, and I will enter you in my final Hallowed ARC contest. Just comment below on what you did, 1 entry for each thing. I will give away 2 signed copies, winner to be announced January 12, so I can have it in the mail by the 13th before I head off to Idaho. (and if I miraculously get my advanced REAL copies of Hallowed before then, I will send those instead. Because they are SHINY.)

I also saw the US trailer for Hallowed today, and it was awesome!!! Watch for it to go live any day now. I will give you double points for sharing this trailer.

And now back to scribbling away on Book 3. Peace out.


basma aal said...

I tweeted about it!/basma_aal/status/155145154888613888

Cassidy said...

Man I love how graceful her arms are in those shots, like she is floating.

I tweeted @Cassidy_Finn and posted the trailer on my bloggity blog



Jana said...

I tweeted about this:!/J_20_C_/status/155177815766073344


Priya said...

When is this book releasing!!!(I know, its jan 17 but it's still too far away)
I posted on facebook (i don't know how to open individual posts, but it'll be on top i'm sure):!/profile.php?id=100002184062744

I tweeted:!/AletteAsher/status/155265028738654208

I blogged:

I'll do the same for US trailer when it is released :)


Anonymous said...

I tweeted & FB'd the UK trailer:!/Dani_Nguyen/status/155294351491203073

Eagerly waiting for the US trailer now. Thanks for the chance to win!

Amanda @Stuck In YA Books said...


Blogged: its on the sidebar:


Amanda @Stuck In YA Books said...

opps forget my e-mail

Ciara said...

That is an awesome trailer!!

Jessirae said...

Love love love the trailer. I can't wait for the U.S. version and I cannot wait until Hallowed finally releases!

I tweeted the UK trailer:!/xjessirae/status/155399485021888512

I blogged/posted about the UK trailer:
(It's also on the sidebar)


Wendy Darling said...

Hi Cynthia,

I've sent you a couple of messages through your GoodReads account re: the previous little thing we were working on, but the site notifications have been so wonky lately that I figured I'd post here too.

Will you let me know if you received my email and if we're still on track, please? Thanks!


thehappyhoneybee (at) gmail (dot) cm

Shell said...

Oh how I hope you get the REAL copies in! I love your shiny books, they're so pretty, on the inside and outside!

+1 blogged:

+1 tweeted:!/WulfLuva93/status/155667079683522560

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oreo_93 at hotmail dot com

I'll be on the lookout for the US trailer!

devinne said...

I posted to facebook! :) I dont have a blog or a twitter but if i did i would also share to them as well! :)

devinne said...

I made a twitter, so i could post your link.

Karen Russell said...
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Karen Russell said...

I am so excited for this book!

I bloggged it!

I tweeted (@karentruss)

I Facebooked it (Karen Taylor Russell)

I put a countdown ticker on my blog.

I google+ it: (Karen Russell) ... Karenola

Sarena said...

I tweeted it:!/ChaceLilyVale/status/155862852907962368

Can't wait for it to finally come out!

Anonymous said...

i facebooked the trailer (kelly choi)

Emily D said...

I blogged about this!
So excited for the book to come out!

elena said...
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Lesley said...

I hope it's not too late to enter, I'm so so so excited for this. I could die. Then come back to life and be a zombie so I can read it.



Thanks so much, congrats on book 2!