Sunday, December 2, 2012

In Which I Inundate You With News and Cool Stuff

Hello, y'all! I've haven't been around the blog much in the past couple of months. I was tired. Then I was sick. Then tired again. Then sick again. It was a lot of sick and tired.

This is what happens when you finish a series.

But there's a lot happening in the next few weeks, and I have to get off my butt now and tell you all about the great stuff that's coming:

1) RADIANT! Is coming out! In 2 days! To celebrate (and because it feels kind of weird that this is ebook only, therefore my fans won't have anything tangible in their hands when they buy this book, I am going to do a little promotion. THIS WEEK ONLY, buy or pre-order a copy of RADIANT, take a screenshot of your screen confirming the purchase (here's an awesome page with instructions on how to take a screenshot, if you don't know), email me ( the pic along with your mailing address, and I will send you a little autographed special something. So you will have something to hold in your hands.

note: If you buy on Amazon, there is a little tab where you can email me saying you purchased the book directly, if you don't want to go through the trouble of messing with the screenshot, but please remember to add your address to the email.

Here's my screenshot. Yes, I just bought my own ebook. I may have to give myself an autographed special something now.

2) BOUNDLESS is coming out, in like 50 days! I will be having a special promotion for that too, but I'll tell you about that later.

3) TOURING! I will be doing a whirlwind of touring this winter for Boundless. Check my events tab for the full details, but in a nutshell I will be going to:
Salt Lake City (UT)
Idaho Falls (ID)
Boise (ID)
New York City (NY)
Huntington Beach (CA)
Decatur (GA)
Cary (NC)
Cambridge (MA)
Washington D.C.
Redondo Beach(CA),
Thousand Oaks (CA)
Jackson Hole (WY)
Kansas City (MO).
And that's just what I know about so far!

4) UNEARTHLY is dirt cheap right now! (Well actually, it might be cheaper than dirt. I mean, have you seen the prices of high-quality dirt these days? I'm just saying) Ahem. The ebook version is only 2.99 for the next few weeks, so if you haven't started the series yet (or you know someone who you think would like it), now is a very good time!

5) HALLOWED is coming out as a paperback. . . the day after Christmas! However, it's not a hard release (meaning that the bookstore can put it out whenever they get the shipment) so you could check before Christmas if you want to give it as a gift (or buy it with Christmas money, which is what I always do. . .). You can pre-order the paperback here. Here's the link for the Hallowed audiobook, if you know someone who likes to listen to the story.

Wow, I'm kind of light-headed after all that shameless self-promotion. I should go do the dishes now. There's nothing that will put you in your place in the universe faster than scrubbing dirty dishes.

*Rolls up sleeves.*

Signing off.


The Reading Enchantress said...

I just pre-ordered Radiant from B&N. I'm beyond excited for it and especially for Boundless! Thank you for offering the "little autographed special something" for those of us that buy Radiant this week! That's very generous of you. <3

Alii said...

I was just wondering if the promotion is available worldwide or just in certain areas, i will be getting it either way though. :)
I love your books :3 and can't wait until Boundless is out! :D

Isabel C said...

Ehhh!!!! I love your books!

Anonymous said...

I've been so excited since I heard about Radiant! :D I live in Australia will it be available here soon? I'm dying to read it!!

Anonymous said...

I have tried to buy Radiant but Barnes and Noble apparently doesn't do international billing adresses?????
How is that possible if it's an EBOOK?!

Sigh. I might possibly love your writing so much I'm considering moving to the US :)

Unknown said...

Hey I sent u my screen pic of where I pre-order Radident I tried a few times and had trouble but I was just wondering if u got my message. Thank you

Unknown said...

I order it in dec 3 rd please let me know if u got my email

Unknown said...

By the way I love all your books

Unknown said...

Please let me know if u got my email of my screenshot I sent on Dec 3rd

Anonymous said...

Oh if you can, can you also let me know if you got my screenshot, I sent it on the dec 4th, And I'm wondering if it went though or not.
My email is,

Unknown said...

Hey just wondering did you get your autographed something