Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some Frequently Asked Questions

It's finals week for me, so this is going to be brief, but I thought I'd post the answers to a few questions that I am receiving A LOT lately. So here goes:

About Radiant

Q: I plan to buy Radiant this week. Can I get that special autographed something you talked about in your last post?
A: Nope. That was last week only. But, fear not, I will be running an even cooler promotion for the pre-orders for Boundless, so check back soon.

Q: I don't have an ereader, so I can't read ebooks. Will Radiant ever be available as a real, physical book?
A: Um, no. The deal I made with HarperCollins is for the ebook only. But if you have a computer, you should still be able to read ebook files. Click here for Amazon's Kindle For PC information. Also, a lot of libraries these days are loaning out ereaders and ebooks, so check your local library.

Q: I live in the UK. Will Radiant ever be available for me?
A: Yes. I checked today and it still isn't up on AmazonUK, but my editor tells me that it should be VERY SOON. Keep checking.

Q: I live in Australia, same question.
A: I don't know yet. I don't think it's available now. But I do think that possibly stuff is in the works to make this happen. Sit tight and I will update you when I know anything.

Q: Why is Radiant so short?
A: Because it is a novella, not a novel. Actually, Radiant is what used to be the first two chapters of Boundless, supplemented by Angela's point of view. It's around 70 pages, which is about as long as a novella can be and still call it a novella. It's meant to be short! I like to think of Radiant as a little Unearthly snack, whereas Boundless is a three-course meal!

Q: Why isn't the hot guy I'm rooting for (insert Christian/Tucker here) in Radiant?
A: Radiant is about what happens between Clara and Angela during their summer in Italy. It doesn't have much of the hot guys because neither of the hot guys go with them to Italy. However, there is one entire significant scene in Radiant with Christian in it (a flashback) and a bunch of little flashes of Tucker all throughout. And there is a NEW HOT GUY in Radiant. And he strongly resembles Orlando Bloom. Is all I'm saying.


About Boundless

Q:When does Boundless come out, again?
A: January 22, less than 6 weeks away!

Q: I heard that Boundless is not being published in the UK. Is this true?
A: Sort of. The publisher who published the UK versions of Unearthly and Hallowed decided not to pick up Boundless, so there won't be a special UK edition with a different cover from the US like there was with Unearthly and Hallowed. However, you can still buy the US edition in the UK. (Click here to go to the UK Amazon page, for instance.) And my agent is hard at work finding a new UK publisher.

Q: What about Australia and New Zealand?
A: Yes! Boundless is being published separately in Australia! It's coming out even earlier than it is in the US, on January 2! Click here to be taken to the Boundless Australia page. There will also be a Boundless ebook available in Australia.

Q: Will Boundless be available as an audiobook?
A: Yes! It will! And it will be narrated by the lovely Samantha Quan again! I don't know when it will be available yet, but I am guessing shortly after Boundless is released as a hardcover. I will announce it as soon as I know anything!

Q: Goodreads lists Boundless as being 320 pages. Why so short?
A: Because Goodreads is wrong. Boundless is the longest book I've written to date--I think somewhere in the ballpark of 450 pages. It's big boned.

Q: Clara better end up with Tucker(/Christian) or else!
A: That's not really a question, is it? Of course, the second grader in me wants to say, "Oh yeah, or else what?" But here's the thing I really hope for you, as a reader: that you will judge the book, not by which guy Clara is smooching in the end, but by the person she is in the end of her journey. Yes, there is love she finds along the way, and there are choices she makes, but I'd like to think that the romance doesn't define her. (Also: please don't hurt me. . . )

Q: I'd like you to sign my copy of Boundless, but you aren't coming to my town. What can I do?
A: I am going a lot of places this year, and I'm sure there are more announcements on that front to come, but if I'm not doing any appearances near you this winter, you can buy signed and personalized copies of all of my books from Diesel Bookstore. Here's the manager's email, to make your request: This is the bookstore email, not my email, just to clarify. You can also call Diesel at 310-456-9961. I go into this store regularly to sign copies, but please remember that I will be on tour this winter, so there might be a week or so between when Diesel gets the request and when I will be available to come in and sign, so please be patient.

Q: Will you do an interview/guest spot for my blog post?
A: I am doing an extensive blog tour this winter with Mundie Moms (yay!) and will probably also do a few separate interviews with people who request stuff through my publicist, not to mention the marketing stuff that HarperTeen has planned for the Dark Days. So, in January/February: probably not. Last year around the launch of Hallowed I wrote more than 20,000 words worth of interview answers. That's 1/4 of a novel, and it takes just as long. So, probably not. Although when things slow down for me a bit in March and April I might consider it. Try me then.

Wow. That was a lot of questions. Not so brief, then. But I hope it helps.

Now I must go back to grading papers. Please leave any further questions you have about Radiant or Boundless in the comments, and I will try to answer in a timely fashion.


Sara @ Forever 17 Books said...

THERE IS A CHARACTER IN RADIANT THAT RESEMBLES ORLANDO BLOOM??? Sorry but that required shouty caps. LOL I love him so this makes me even more excited to finally dive into the copy of Radiant I bought last week. :)

Anonymous said...

Will Boundless be released in paperback format? Cause I have the previous two in paperback too and I like my collections to be in the same format, so they fit together in the shelves, but this time I can't find a pre-order link for the paperback edition and I'd love to know if there'll be one, so I can wait for it. Sadly, I'm kind of broke right now, or I'd buy the hardback anyways, just for the sake of collecting it!

Thank you, in advance, for your answer and for all these answers to our FAQs!


Tamara López said...

What about de spanish edition of Boundless? Since I'm from South America, I wish I had not to wait another year or so to read boundless, I'm so excited because there are only some weeks left to its come out, and I've waiting a lot to read it.
You're truely an fantastic writer

Cynthia Hand said...

Andrea: yes, Boundless will be released in paperback, but probably not until next November or December.

Anonymous said...

For the Australian date, it's the first of February, I think. Here in Australia we say the day before the month.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous.. I had a look at the Australian Boundless site and it said 1/2/12 which means February 1st... so is that when it will come out?
Thank you for your books!!! :D

Abbie said...

Since you unfortunately mentioned that your UK publisher is mean, and to keep checking here, I decided to come here and see if there was a news post. Yay for Radiant!

Glad to report Radiant is now purchaseable on Amazon UK. ^^ :D

Rachel said...

Oh no! I bought Radiant last week and forgot to send th e thing to you to get the signed something! Oh well, I'm hoping to get my Boundless copy signed, so its not too big of a bummer.

Bia said...

Someone mentioned a little detail recently which I realised was kind of bugging me, too. I don't remember there having an explanation in the books or maybe I just missed it. But when is the point when the angel-bloods start aging slower? My guess was that it happens when they receive their purpose/first vision. Is that right? Can you give an answer?

Anyway, I so can't wait for Boundless!!! Definitely my most anticipated book of 2013. Good thing it comes out in January (a week before my birthday. Yay!)

rthady said...

MY BIRTHDAY IS JANUARY 22nd!!!!! I think I know what I'm asking for...... ;)

i*Heart*BigBooks said...

Hi Cynthia! I am so so excited for Boundless!

Just wondering, have you already mailed out the signed items for the Radiant pre-orders? I'm not trying to rush, I just wasn't sure if my email verification went through to you correctly, so I thought I'd check!

Anonymous said...

So sad there won't be a pretty cover uk edition, cause that means my collection will be incomplete.. :/ The au editions look nice too though I doubt they'll be easy to come by in Sweden.

Any chance the uk publisher will have a change of heart?

Anonymous said...

Hmm..... I have been searching for boundless uk cover, only to discover that it's not going to be published. It's a bit annoying to know that my collection is going to look sloppy. oh well.