Saturday, January 19, 2013

On Tour

As I write this, we're 1 day and 22 hours 26 minutes from the launch of BOUNDLESS. WHEEEEEEEEEE!

I am so excited to share this book with you!

Anyway, tomorrow I am heading off to Utah, where on Tuesday I will be having an awesome LAUNCH PARTY / SIGNING / EVENT with the amazing and talented Brodi Ashton, whose book EVERBOUND (book 2 of the Everneath series) is coming out the same day as BOUNDLESS. Brodi is a kindred spirit and a good friend of mine, so I can think of nothing better than us having our book launches together. Here's the skinny: The King's English, SLC, Tuesday 1-22, 7pm. Be there.

And then we'll be headed off to Idaho together to do it all over again in Idaho Falls. We'll be doing a barage of school visits in Idaho Falls and then a launch / signing / event at the Idaho Falls Barnes & Noble on Friday night, the 25th, at 6:30 p.m.

And THEN we're driving across the state to Boise to do an event at Hyde Park Bookstore at 4pm on Saturday!

See my facebook page for invites and details to all of these events, and my Events tab above for all the other great places I will be stopping by this winter and spring. Hopefully I can catch up with you somewhere!

1 day 22 hours 21 minutes! Squee!


Holly said...

Miss Cynthia, where did the Boundless release countdown widget go???? I added it to my blog last week and it's not there nor here on your blog anymore. :(

Unknown said...

Hope you'll come to Australia!!

Cynthia Hand said...

I still see the widget there. . . hmmmmm.

An dyes, I would love to come to Australia.


Unknown said...

Will you please come to Wyoming (Casper or even Cheyenne)??? I know it's kinda out of your way but I think it's a great idea since it's where Clara's story takes place. Oh and that's where I live (Casper) and nothing exciting ever happens there lol ;) I'm also a HUGE fan!

Anonymous said...

your my hero!

Holly said...

Uh! It's there now. Must have been a glitch! Thanks for responding :) 9 hours left until Boundless XD

MzRia said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!! I'm doing a happy dance!!!!

Lyric Mengez said...

Hi! I love your books! Your such an amazing writer and your books are my favorite by all time. Cherish your gift. I love how your books are about angels and your books were so amazing they at the end of boundless I cried because I didn't want it to end. Thank you for such a thrilling series.
lyric menges (