Saturday, July 4, 2020

Cover Reveal For My Next Book!

It's that time again--cover reveal time!!!!

This time it's for my new YA contemporary that will be out March 30, 2021. It's called WITH YOU ALL THE WAY, and it's about family and sisters and, well, sex. (Although I would say that it's a fairly clean book--it's meant to discuss sex, not, uh feature it.)

Here's the official description:

Forever for a new generation. Bestselling author Cynthia Hand’s funny and frank coming-of-age story is the perfect read for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han.
Ada’s life is a mess. She just caught her boyfriend cheating on her after a humiliating attempt at losing her virginity, and she’s had it up to here with her perfect older sister trying to give her advice about, well, sex.
But things really hit the fan during a family vacation in Hawaii, where Ada makes a heinous discovery: her mom is having an affair. Apparently, no one can keep themselves from falling into bed with people they shouldn’t, so Ada decides it’s time for her to stop trying and start doing—sex, that is. But her best laid plans don’t quite leave room for the truth: feelings, romantic or not, always get in the way.
And here's the cover:

This one is an eye grabber, isn't it? I love that it reflects the tropical/jungle idea and the Hawaii setting.
What do you think?