From New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Hand comes a riveting original novella (available only as an ebook) set in the world of the Unearthly series.

Clara is desperate to get away—from the memories that haunt her in Wyoming and the visions of a future she isn't ready to face—and spending the summer in Italy with her best friend, Angela, should be the perfect escape. . . .

For as long as she can remember, Angela has been told that love is dangerous, that she must always guard her heart. But when she met a mysterious guy in Italy two years ago she was determined to be with him, no matter the costs. Now she must decide whether she can trust Clara with her secret, or if telling her the truth will risk everything she cares about.

Alternating between Angela and Clara's perspectives, Radiant chronicles the unforgettable summer that will test the bounds of their friendship and change their lives forever.

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  • ISBN-13: 9780062258571
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Publication date: 12/4/2012
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 94
  • Age range: 13 years


Abbie said...

First, might I say I love your writing? Your Unearthly trilogy certainly has a unique perspective on angels, and the storyline has me reading the two books currently out every month or so. ^^

Anyway, I was wondering if you knew when this would be available in the UK? Amazon.com will only redirect me to the .co.uk site, where the novella is currently unlisted - when it's supposed to be released tomorrow in the US.

Thanks! :)

Cynthia Hand said...


Sadly, Radiant won't be available in the UK, unless they specifically purchase the rights, which they haven't done yet. Sorry. The really bad news is that my UK publisher, Egmont, has decided not to buy the rights for Boundless, so at the current moment Boundless won't be available in the UK either. My agent is working to see if there's another British publisher who might pick up the Boundless rights. I will make an announcement if that happens.

Caits said...

Just like everyone else, I love your books! They're one of my favourite book series!

I saw your previous comment to Abbie about how Radiant (and possibly Boundless) will not be available in the UK and I was just wondering if they'll be available in Australia?

Thanks :)

Cynthia Hand said...


Yes, Boundless will be available in Austalia!! :D

Jaz said...

Been checking Amazon daily and Radiant still isn't available for me :(

Rachel said...

Dear Cynthia,
I'm Canadian and I'm very excited for Radiant, but I only have an iPod touch. Will I bw able to get it in iTunes?

Your fan,

Alicia said...

Hy Cynthia!

I'm in New Zealand and the book is not available to me :( Will it become available soon?


blackhex191 said...

I'll be so gutted if Boundless (& Radiant) isn't made available in the UK. I adore your series and think you are a wonderful writer and I have invested so much in Clara's story that to not see it through to the end would be really sad and a real shame. Please fight for us loyal UK fans! :-) Emma.

Unknown said...

Hi Cynthia!

I would love to read Radiant but I can not seem to buy it off Amazon :/ I live in Australia by the way. Do you know of any problems with Australian buyers?

Thanks, Hayley :)

Unknown said...

hey Cynthia

i live in Western Australia and was wondering if Radiant is going to be available here.

Thanks :D

Unknown said...

Hey Cynthia

I was wondering if Radiant was going to be Available in Western Australia??

Thanks :D Linda

Rachael said...

Hi Cynthia,

I was wondering if you can get Radiant in Australia, and if you can get it in Australia, where can I get it?

Thanks :) Rachael :D

Natalie said...

I swallowed your books in about 2 hours, (not literally, sadly) and they are some of the best pieces of literature I have been able to get my hands on.

One question, though- should I real Radiant first, or Boundless? (As in, what's the order?)

You're awesome!

Roslyn said...

It still seems impossible to buy Radiant from Australia - can't get it on Kindle or iTunes...any idea what's going on there?


Roslyn said...

It still seems impossible to buy Radiant from Australia - can't get it on Kindle or iTunes...any idea what's going on there?


Amanda said...

Cynthia I am confused about the order as well. Is Radiant supposed to be read After Boundless? And curious when Radiant will be in print/paperback/hardcover? Please let me know :) I just bought Boundless and do not want to read them out of order. Thanks! U Rock!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Is Radiant part of the Unearthly series? Is it the fourth book or is Unearthly a trilogy?

Grace said...

I love your books, they are amazing! Are you planning on writing a book set after boundless?

Anonymous said...

Hi - would love to know if Radiant is available as a paperback, as I really don't enjoy reading books on my tablet.


fraktik said...

@Amanda & @Natalie:
I was just wandering the same question but I belive we should read Radiant before Boundless both because timeline and storyline (which is pretty clearly: 2(school year)-2,5(summer)-3(next school year). Even point of view is (almost) same (Clara + Angela) and they say: "Boundless is "final", The End of this cycle too...

Deja Floyd said...

I love your books. I'm currently reading Boundless, and I can't put it down. It's very intelligent, and you have a different style of writing & it's so brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to say how amazing I think your books are! I recently read Hallowed. (Sadly they didn't have the 1st book in my districts)But it was honestly an outgoing, beautiful book. You really felt as if you knew the people and everything. I have booked Boundless in my local library and can not wait to read it!

Haizea said...

Hi Cynthia, Big fan here. :P

So I've been looking for Radiant but seems I cant found it anywhere.
Im from Spain and I read the 1st one in spanish but as the rest didnt come out I went to THe Book Depository. Ive read the rest of the comements and it seems that it isnt available in UK.
Can it be bought in paperback or hardback? Shipped from eeuu or something?
Thanks for listening (or reading)

Unknown said...

I was wondering if there will be a 4th book or is the series over with ceaseless existence 3

Mads said...

Firstly, I LOVE LOVE your Unearthly trilogy and have read it 3 times! I just discovered that Radient exists and I saw that it can only be purchased as an ebook! I love in Australia, but is there any chance that Radiant will be published as a book? Reading an ebook just doesn't have the same ring to it, and I like to show my books off on my bookshelf!!! Thanks! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

I have a question about the books. Do we have to read radiant in between hallowed and boundless for it to make sense or are we able to skip it and not miss out on important details in the story?
And by the way I am a huge fan of your unearthly series. I just bought boundless and hallowed to read I just have to wait for them to get here. Please keep up the good work. xD

Anonymous said...

Hey Cynthia I'm 16 and I love reading all your book of the unearthly series they kept my heart beating fast and at the edge of my seat